Enter the Kodiak: The Ghost Bear Totem Battlemech

screenshot-mwomercs.com 2016-02-05 13-18-01

The latest addition to the list of Battlemech ranks is the Clan Ghost Bear Kodiak. Not an OmniMech this 100 Ton mech is more like its cousins the IS mech or the Clan IIc variants. Having a set number of hardpoints but otherwise very configurable (Endo Steel, Ferro Fibrous, Interchangeable Fusion Engines) the Kodiak promises to be quite the performer in MWO. It will come in 5 different variants with only 2 having anything close to similar loadouts. Each of the Kodiak variants have unique strengths and weaknesses that will lend that particular variant to certain types of warfare.

The Kodiak has a staggering amount of firepower available to it with a good mixture of ballistic, missile and laser hardpoints. The addition of MASC to the hero “Spirit Bear” Kodiak variant will give this mech comparable speed (albeit in short bursts) to a heavy class mech. The Massive 400XL engine will move the Kodiak upwards of 64 KPH before the addition of MASC.  With Dire Wolf class firepower and Timber Wolf class (with MASC) speed this mech promises to be quite a bruiser.

What remains to be seen is what quirks may or not be given. Also what will the hitboxes look like. This mech will drop on the May patch. I managed to sell some unused equipment for my Tesla which I then used to purchase The Collectors Pack with the Hero Add On.

You can find more info on this at mwomercs.com.