Battletech Table Top: My First Experience Part 1

I am sitting at the computer having finished breakfast after my first Mass of the day. I am getting ready for a new experience today. I have been playing Mechwarrior video games all the way back to the first Mechwarrior on an 8088 IBM Compatible PC (Yes I am that old). But I never had the chance to play the tabletop version of Battletech. Today that will change. After my second Mass of the day I will be headed over to Saint Louis, MO where there is a monthly BT tabletop game at Star Clipper, a local comic/hobby shop. I have been meaning to do this for the better part of 6 months but this is the first time that the stars have aligned correctly to get me over there. I have been chatting with the GM via the Battletech Forums so he knows I might be running a bit late, as they start around 11:30 and the earliest I can get there might be 12:30. I will take with me my introductory box set and hopefully get to know the gaming system. I will report back here a report on that experience and what I hope to get started, assuming I like what I see and hear. Until then, Peace.

Father Bill