To Twitch or not to Twich…

Well, I already have my answer. I am still getting things setup but in the not to distant future I plan on putting up a stream. I have been playing Mechwarrior for the better part of 18 years now, and Mechwarrior Online for the past 2 years. I have really enjoyed the MWO community and the variety of people I have watched on Twitch. From the folks at No Guts No Galaxy, to Riagaming, RJBass3 and many others I have learned much in the play of MWO.

I suspect that while I am not alone amongst my brother priests across the world with an interest in big stompy robots,I may be the only one looney enough to think I can participate in the MWO streaming scene. I have slowly been collecting the equipment I believe is necessary and I feel I have all the pieces in place(with the almost realized delivery of a decent web cam… get here UPS!) to stream in more than an improvised manner.

I cannot take credit for this as there were many who made possible my foray into Twitch Streaming. The person who I need to thank the most is Phil from No Guts No Galaxy. He walked me through the setup of OBS(Open Broadcasting System) Studio and the various plugins that would add a bit of polish to the stream. I have by no means mastered the tools yet but I think I have the basics worked out.

I will start in the next couple of days and begin to workout a schedule based on my availablity.

You might wonder (I know I do) what I might have to share. I am surely not the best player who can show others the way to play (If anything I will give the example of how not to play) I understand strategy and tactics but am not so good at putting them into action.  It is belief that my experience as a Catholic Priest, Mechwarrior, Member of the 1st Crucis Recon, and Battletech Fan will give insights not only to Mechwarrior Online but also some philosophy and other disciplines that I happen to blather on about.

the channel can be found at

See you online!