Battletech Table Top: My First Experience Part 2

Well I have now experienced Battletech tabletop and found that I need to get a better set of dice, more about that later. So I finished my day at the Parishes after Mass at Medora, IL. I hopped into the car and started off to Star Clipper in Saint Louis, MO. It took me about 45 minutes or so (Turned out to be an 1:15 until I got into the store… took a wrong turn walking to the shop.) to get to a parking spot near the store. I had contacted the GM, MadDogMaddux, (AKA Jonathan) from the Catalyst Game Labs Demo Team and told him I would be a bit late. He set up a scenario where I could walk in as I got there. It was Kurita vs Davion and I was (Oh, the Horror!I am a staunch Davion) a member of the Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery driving an Atlas AS7-K2. That seems to be a perfect setup to get into a game (Not the Kurita part but the Atlas), well you would think so but I ran into a Guillotine that proved a very difficult nut to crack. Through the trials of RNG (Random Number Generation AKA Rolling Dice) In seven rounds I managed one S-SRM 6 Hit and 1 Melee Punch to the CT of that Guillotine. I took a critical hit on my XL engine and lost most of my armor… not a very good first outing. Probably the first thing I am going to invest in shortly is a set of quality dice, I am not sure this will help much but it may help me feel better. That being said I had a great time. I will very definitely seek other opportunities to play the tabletop version of BT. Jonathan put me on the Facebook group for the Saint Louis, MO area so I could be alerted to events here. Now I just need to get a decent set of dice……lets see…


Father Bill