Out of the mists of myth: The Cyclops

The patch that dropped on August 23rd saw the introduction of a new Inner Sphere Assault Battlemech, the Cyclops. This Mech’s defining characteristic is the Tacticon B-2000 Battle Computer which imputes to this Mech and all the Mechs close to it to a detection range extension 150% of standard. This is quite a benefit that alone makes this Mech worth getting. In addition it has a wide variety of build possibilites for the chassises avaialable.

My favorite version has to be the Sleipnir, This Mech has quad ballistic hard points in its side torsos. I initially built it with Dual Gauss and an ER PPC. I had great luck with it and quickly worked through the elite level of skills. At the recommendation of a friend I changed the ER PPC to 4 medium pulse. Gave a much better alpha and heat efficiency. I could take out UAV’s at distance with the ER PPC but the DPS boost was well worth it. This is the build that I mastered the mech in. I included a Beagle Active Probe which in theory with the Tacticon B2000 should give the Sleipnir incredible Info Warfare capability.

I recently picked up the CP-11 P. This is the ECM variant. I initially did not purchase this mech which was on the expansion list. I really did not see the need for it. Then they had two events in which the missiles were flying practically non stop. I found a few extra $’s a ponied up the dough to purchase the reinforcements expansion.

The 11 P is a solid variant with good long range and short range abilities. The ECM proved to be quite useful as I went about mastering the mech. I foresee this being a part of my Faction Play Drop deck when ECM is a required component.

On the whole I am very pleased with the Cyclops and see many hours of enjoyment in the coming months piloting this 90T IS Assault.