A journey to Vancouver or MechCon 2016

Well I had the opportunity to spend a day with many fellow Battletech fans at the very first(of many I hope) Mech Con. Under this event there were folks from Piranha Games, makers of Mechwarrior Online(MWO), Harebrained Schemes, makers of The BattleTech Game, and Catalyst Game Labs, makers of Battletech Role Playing/Table Top games. This was also the event at which the first World Championship for MWO were to be held.

The World Championship followed a Double Elimination format where the three Regional Champions had the opportunity to reach the finals. The First Match was the North American Champs, Empyreal vs The Oceanic Champions,The 228th “The Wild Ones”. Empyreal showed its precision and polish as it decisively defeated the 228th in a 3-0 victory (it was a best 3 of 5 format). Empyreal next moved on to the European Champs, Eon Synergy. This was a much closer match for Empyreal but one which they again won 3-0. This was the first match where a map other than Canyon Network was used as Emp chose twice Tourmaline Desert. There strategy and practice there showed that Emp had really looked ahead to multiple possible map choices. Eon Synergy after that made sure that Tourmaline was banned and they made the final drop on Canyon Network. Again Emp showed its dominance concluding the round with a 3-0 victory over Eon Synergy. 

At this point I had to depart and was unable to see the battle between the 228th and Eon Synergy, but the ultimate result was that Eon Synergy went to the finals with Emp. 

The finals was fairly anti-climactic. Empyreal blasted Eon Synergy through 3 matches. The first 2 though Eon Synergy showed a spark and ingenuity that almost won them one of the drops. They ran out of time as Emp won that drop on Conquest Score. The final drop saw Emp massacring Eon quickly bringing about the victory. To say that this was a foregone conclusion might be an overstatement but Emp showed themselves to be as good as they seemed to be. The victory brought not only bragging rights but also the lion’s share of the $143,000 prize pot.

While I was at Mech Con I got to meet a number of fellow fans of MWO and Battletech. I really looked forward to meeting Streamers that I have gotten to know over that past couple of years. See below


Chase “Trainsy”

Phil “Sean Lang” Langenberg and Zoeff

Daeron “Bombadil” Katz

It was truly a pleasure to meet in person these folks who I have gotten to know on Teamspeak and through their streams. Apparently I was a bit of a conversation piece. I attended Mech Con dressed as I nearly always am in my Clerical attire. I also wore my 1st Crucis Recon bomber jacket. The folks in the “Tech Crew” according to Bombadil saw a “guy in a bomber jacket who seemed to be a priest.” After all the streamers I was probably most easily recognized if for no other reason than my collar. 

There was much that was announced at Mech Con, too much for a single post. I think I will end it here for right now but I will publish more as I find the time to do so. The event was great fun and was well worth the travel to get to it. You can check out the whole event out on twitch

Until later, Peace!

Father Bill