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MWO- Trick or Treat 2


Last year Piranha Games held the first Trick or Treat event. It was enormously successful and much loot was gained by the MechWarrior Online community. They are holding for Halloween 2015: Trick or Treat 2. Last year the prizes were Mech Credits, Consumable Items, C-Bills and GXP for the treats and small lasers, flamers, machine guns and the like for tricks. This year they have added a Grand Prize level. The Grand Prize(One per player) is a Timber Wolf C(Champion). The community has figured that the odds are 1 in 100 to get the Timber. You are looking then at one of the 1’s, WOOHOO! Of course, I already own 2 Timber Wolf C’s. That said one of them will be sold so I will get several million C-bills in addition to the new Timber. You can check out MechWarrior Online (MWO) at http://www,


Father Bill

The Battletech Game

BATTLETECH-Kickstarter-Invasion-1920x1080Hairbrained Schemes, the company that brought out the successful Shadowrun Kickstarter just launched a new Kickstarter campaign for Battletech. Set in the era between the 3rd and 4th Succession Wars this game is a turn based tactical Battletech game. It will try to recapture the style of play found in the original table top Battletech game, this time on a PC Platform. They have raised at the publication of this post just over $1,000,000. This means that the Battletech Game will be made, now it is just a matter to see how much extra content will be developed. Each additional Kickstarter goal over $250,000 will bring additional content and features to the game. You can keep track of the Kickstarter campaign here.

I look forward to this game and I hope that enough is raised for the Player versus Player (PVP) game mode to be developed. I really do enjoy setting my tactics and skills against another player. That is one of the things that drew me to Mechwarrior Online and it’s PVP style of warfare.

More on the Battletech Game as it develops.

A new endeavor!

Welcome to my newest in a long line of diversions. After much work in the past week( and it’s only Wednesday)  I finally decided to start this weblog. If you read the about me page then you know I play Mechwarrior Online, I am part of the 1st Crucis Recon, and that I am fan of just about anything Battletech. If you have no idea what I am talking about check out the links in the right sidebar. The resources there can explain better than I can the whole Battletech universe in general and more directly the games that use it as a backdrop.