About Me


Hi, I am Father Bill Kessler a Roman Catholic Priest from south central Illinois. I have been playing Battletech on the PC since the late 1980’s. Just one year ago I stumbled upon Mechwarrior Online(MWO). I was very curious as to what this game had. I played as a solo “Pug”(Pick ugroup) player. I was not satisfied with my mediocre performance in MWO. So casting myself on the mercy of the MWO Forums I discovered that joining a unit was a great way to improve my game-play and to have much more fun in a group of like minded Battletech/Mechwarrior fans. I joined a Davion House Loyalist unit and started to learn from some “old” hands on how to improve my game-play. They weened me off the Joystick style controller I had used from the earliest Battletech PC simulator and slowly I began to get better. In April 2015 my battalion from the Davion House Loyalist unit decided we would strike out on our own. We founded the 1st Crucis Recon and today I am the Unit Command Sergeant Major for the 1st CR. If you want to know more about the Battletech Universe check out the Battletech Wiki and to learn more about the 1st Crucis Recon check out our Enjin Site.

I suspect that you wonder why a Roman Catholic Priest engages in the martial combat engendered in Mechwarrior Online and the Battletech universe. I have always had a fascination with Military History, and just happen to be a Sci Fi fan as well. Thus Battletech is a merger of two of my off duty passions. This provides much needed downtime for my otherwise overcrowded existence. I have met amazing fellows on the voice-com system we use from all over the globe. In this blog I hope to share just a bit of my unique experience as a Mechwarrior Priest.